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Dragon Lighter
Dragon Lighter
Made with Delica size 11 beads
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blk gold necklace 7
Beaded Triangle Pendant & Rope Necklace by Denine
Beaded Triangle Pendant & Rope Necklace by Denine
Thursday, 12 October 2017 16:13

How to Make Peyote Beaded Toggle Clasp. 3D Tutorial

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Tutorial shows how to make Peyote Beaded Toggle Clasp.

Beading Technique: Peyote Stitch


  • Delica Beads 11/0 Delica Beads 11/0;
  • Crystal Swarovski 5mm Crystal Swarovski 5mm;
  • Miyuki Beads 15/0 Miyuki Beads 15/0 (or Delica Beads 11/0);
  • Monofilament.

A toggle clasp is one of many types of clasp that works well for necklaces and bracelets. It consists of two pieces – a ring and a toggle bar. Making a beaded toggle clasp is a great way to customize your jewelry creations and make your project unique. It is the best way to make sure your clasp will fully match your beadwork.

Make Beaded Tube Beads with Peyote Stitch

It is easy to vary the width and length of the tube to come up with slightly different looks.

1. Pick up an even number of beads for the first two rows of your peyote tube bead. We have picked up 16 beads (1MB* - 14DB** - 1MB).

Continue the peyote stitch until you have enough rows to roll into a tube. Our square of peyote - 16 rows.

In order to count peyote stitch rows, you can either count the number of beads on each side and add them, or zig-zag up the first and second columns of beads.

2. Curl the edges toward each other.

3. Zip the Peyote Ends Together.

pattern 1

Add Bicone beads and make a beaded loop.

pattern 2

Make the Peyote Stitch Toggle Ring.

1. Start by stringing 38 size 15 Miyuki seed beads (SB). 

2,3,4. Continue three more rows of tubular peyote stitch with the size 11 DB.

pattern 3

Make the Second Side of the Toggle Ring. 

5,6,7. Add 1row MB + 2rows DB

8. Zip the two sides together.

pattern 4

9. Add 1row MB

10. Pic up 5MB - 3DB - 5MB and make a beaded loop. You can use any other beads that will look good with your beadwork.

pattern 5

Add Your Clasp to Flat Herringbone/Ndebele Stitch Beaded Bracelet 

Flat Herringbone/Ndebele Stitch Beaded Bracelet. Photo

* MB - Miyuki Beads 15/0

**DB - Delica Beads 11/0

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