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Dragon Lighter
Dragon Lighter
Made with Delica size 11 beads
blk gold necklace 7
blk gold necklace 7
Beaded Triangle Pendant & Rope Necklace by Denine
Beaded Triangle Pendant & Rope Necklace by Denine
Thursday, 17 January 2019 17:22

ChainMail Necklace with Beads. 3D Beading Tutorial

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You can use different kinds of the materials for this jewelry.


Picture #1

  1. Make a 1st element - 1R (ring)+1B (bead or seedbead)
  2. Add 1R+1B
  3. Add 1R+1B 14 times (15 total)
  4. Add 1R+2B 9 times
  5. Add 1R+1B 13 times + last 1R

Picture #2

  1. Add a clasp with a ring
  2. Add 1R+2B (make a 2nd row)
  3. Add 1R+2B 8 times total
  4. Add 1R+1B

Picture #3

  1. Add (1R+2B 8 times) + (1R+1B). Make a 3d row
  2. Add (1R+2B 8 times) + (1R+1B). Make a 4th row
  3. Add 1R+1B. Make a 5th row
  4. Add 1R+1B 8 times in the 5th row
  5. Add 1R


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